Immune System Support

Transfer Factor

Transfer factor is a component within colostrum – mother’s milk.  When a newborn arrives, he doesn’t have an immune system.  In dogs, the immune system develops over six months. It is provided initially by mother’s milk until his immune system develops.  Transfer Factor supplements are the active concentrated part of mother’s milk.  It is not only useful for disease prevention, but it can also help a dysfunctional (over or under active) immune system to return to normal.  In a paper published in the American DVM magazine in 2003, the vet Kenneth L Marcella explains how Transfer Factor can kill bacteria and viruses, as well as protect individuals (human or animal) from cancer and other immune-mediated illnesses.  Further information is available on this web link:


It would be a reasonable precaution to give a puppy Transfer Factor (which comes in capsule form) daily for the first six months of his life to protect him from viral and bacterial disease until his immune system is fully developed.  No harm will come from giving Transfer Factor daily for life; it is likely to protect you and your dogs from viral and bacterial infection, and also reduce the effects of inflammation and autoimmunity.