Let’s Hear it for the Sisterhood

Dr Patricia Jordan, an American veterinarian, is a warrior; a blessing to this Earth. She had seen my Science of Vaccination article and told me it had a profound effect on her. We featured thisImage interview with Dr Jordan in our April 2009 CHC newsletter, heralding the arrival of her extensively-researched book on vaccination, The Mark of the Beast.

Dr Patricia Jordan is one of my heroes – she has literally sacrificed her life and her career to help the animals and redeem the veterinary profession. I cannot say enough in her praise.

Q:  What made you want to be a vet?

A:  I love nature, being in appreciation with the outdoors, the animals, the sounds of nature, and I was enthralled with biology and science. When I went to the vet with our family dog, I was proactive in trying to understand what they were doing to him. As I became older, I felt that veterinary medicine needed more compassionate members and despite being discouraged by both my father (who told me I was not wealthy enough or smart enough) and my high school counsellor, who said it was too difficult to get into a school … despite all of that, I set my sights on getting there.

Q:  As a veterinary student in college, did you notice a high presence of pharmaceutical and pet food companies? Was sponsorship by big business evident to you at that time?

A:  Of course – that was the only way we learned … coming through as wide eyed senior students, the only book we ever got on nutrition was from Hills “Science” and of course the teaching hospital was stocked with free inventory from Hills. Therefore all I learned about nutrition was the Hills propaganda.

Of course, for the vaccines, we were stocked with free product and I understand this still continues today, with our most eminent institutions of higher learning dolling out the vaccines that cause the most highly adverse effects.

We got nothing but propaganda when you think of it, as rarely are your instructors anything but academic fodder.

A particular peeve of mine is that “Dinners of Disinformation” are the continuing education for veterinarians. For example, pure hogwash at the vaccine industry dinner that I attended, pushing their latest version of the feline vaccines and providing junk science that is so much propaganda. I have attended plenty of them and can only say that I have documented with photos, tape recordings and video footage that these programs are about conflict information, propaganda and seducing veterinarians into pushing their drugs and vaccines – a worse good old boys club there never was.

To see this on a much broader scale all you have to do is attend the national meetings, which I stopped after nine years of that nonsense. It is criminal that any professional is able to get credit for attending that dribble – and that propaganda is the only continuing education most professionals receive.

Also, we would get scholarships, textbooks, equipment, free poison for our own pets, clothes, trips, prizes … yes when one calculates the heavy toll that propaganda has … even the free publications that disguise themselves as legitimate researched articles, it is a cycle of professional deception worse than the unrecognised and unacknowledged adverse effects of those wares.

Q:  When did you start to become disillusioned with conventional veterinary medicine?

A:  By the time I had been out in practice for seven years I knew that western medicine not only didn’t work, but that it was responsible for making more disease and more death. I found it de-constructed health rather than built health. I never did embrace Hills “Nutrition” and never sold a bag of that through my practice.

I had never linked the benefits of yearly immune assaults with over administration of vaccines, so my patients did not have the serious amount of disease that I saw coming from practices that embraced the full potential of aggressive “preventative health” measures based on western medicine. Luckily for me, NC already had the sense not to support yearly rabies vaccines and thus, until I went North to Massachusetts, I was protected from the total immune annihilation I saw occurring with the most aggressive vaccination programs imaginable.

The practice in Massachusetts not only supported over vaccination, and with the most highly adverse vaccines available, but they verbally chastised me for spending any time talking to clients about their pets’ diets, preferring instead to push whatever they had overstocked from their veterinary supply company. The experience was so traumatizing that it was really my first experience with a host of money doctors or business veterinarians that are so prevalent in our profession.

Q:  Did you have ‘an awakening’?

A:  My awakening came in 1989 when I saw with my own eyes, a veterinarian purposely causing disease with the use of vaccines and drugs. He had used a hormone therapy in a cat and then charged for working up the mammary problem it caused. I questioned him on this and he yelled at me. I later saw him performing surgeries on congenital defects that were allowing the congenitally defected animal to be shown in dog shows. I finally witnessed him strangle a pet to death and through all of this, I realized that there was a very ugly truth in veterinary medicine.

There were those who used these drugs and vaccines knowing that they would generate more and more and more money for them through the propagation of more medical problems.

It was at that time I left working for that business veterinarian and opened up my own practice. I didn’t know how bad the problem had become until I found myself in the last three years working once again for another business veterinarian. I still am traumatized and, having been licensed in over 13 states and visiting practices all over the United States, I was very upset to learn that this money business medicine was more, much more, prevalent than I could have imagined.

Sadly, also, I felt betrayed for, ironically, there has been an association with the veterinary profession being known as “the other family doctor” and “the compassionate profession”. I suppose I aged a lifetime when I realised this. I also felt more alone than ever.

Q:  When did you first see a vaccine reaction for what it really was, and what effect did it have on you?

A:  I first saw a vaccine reaction when a company salesman pressured me so badly that his vaccines were so safe and so much better than the ones I had previously stocked. I allowed him to leave only one tray.

I had a client who brought her cat in and since I had run out of my preferred vaccine, I administered that product. I have to be thankful that the reaction in that patient was immediate. The owner was worried that her cat would die, it was a full blown anaphylactic reaction, and I’m so grateful I was able to help the cat survive. I was so grateful that kitty did not die, and he came very close.

You can imagine what I did with those vaccines. I should have never allowed him to talk me into using them. Even running out of the other and for whatever reason, I should never have administered the vaccines from the company known to have the most adverse events.

Later, when I saw animals that were aggressively over vaccinated yearly and saw their health destroyed by the time they were four or five, I knew it was the immune system’s reaction to these yearly assaults that was the link to the diseases – autoimmune disease, cancer, so much chronic disease when they were aggressively administering vaccines, drugs, poisons and toxins.

It was only three years ago that I realised that everything – the demodex we treat, the fungal infections we treat, the parasites, and most of the infectious diseases – all were in actuality coming from the adverse results of vaccinations.

I mean, you vaccinate a puppy into immunosuppression and then they break out with disease. The T cells fall out from the vaccines and then you get demodex, parasites, fungal infections. Once I saw what was happening in those patients, it was not hard to track the road of pathology. Looking into the research, it’s all there – the cancer from the vaccines is not exclusive to cats and fibrosarcoma. Vaccines are full of genetic mutators and carcinogens and protein sequences that are causing the Lyme Disease Syndrome etc.  Also, I could see, once the veil was removed, just how hard our profession works to “not see” any effect of what our very own hands have done.

Once enlightened, I tracked down the research and I found it. I have almost 250GB of it, from not only veterinary research but also in human research papers. I now understand how much better humans are than dogs and cats at deflecting genetic transmutations and mutations (to a certain point).

I realise the much greater assault on the animals undergoing yearly immune assaults from vaccines and then the poor quality of nutrition (which really is the foundation of good immunity). I then understood why the problems were so much more frequent in the animals. I was so frustrated when I realised that what we do in the name of business is the biggest form of job security – from a profession that needs a license to have the privilege to practice.

Q:  Have you had much personal conflict with conventional veterinarians?  (In the UK, homoeopathic vets have been attacked for their views.)

A:  There is so much angst between conventional veterinarians and the truth. With truth comes responsibility and that is simply too much for most to bear. I mean, I have had conventional doctors tell me, “I am too old to learn anything new”. I have heard them say, “I don’t care, they can’t make me stop,” and the new vets, who are still under the delusion that there is only good intentions behind those who pushed their company’s version of health into their faces, into their bank accounts, into their student loans, car payments, exalting their ego, and the list goes on and on and on … many can’t see truth.

I have to admit, I now have no tolerance for them, they can’t face facts, and I can’t stop finding the research that proves the medicine and the vaccines and the poor foods are the bulk of the disease process. Once I realized that I was “working with the enemy”, that they don’t call it the medical mafia without reason, I even called the AVMA and they suggested that I find another job.

Q:  If you were a vet from the future, here to change and uplift the profession, what changes would you want to see happen?

A: I now see where health comes from. It comes from nutrition. It’s probably no secret now that veterinary and medical doctors get little to no nutrition training in school. I believe that this is because the pharmaceutical companies are set up for health de-construction, not health, and cause more disease. They change the face of disease but never treat the root of the disease. I was so surprised to find out that it was gene theory and certainly not germ theory that was the key to understanding health.

Pasteur, I have found, was dreamed into being credited with how to treat disease.  Instead it was Antoine Beauchamp and his understanding that the individual’s terrain (immune system and body mind) determined health. And then only in the last three years did I discover that this was through the gene theory.

Our genes can be affected by the air we breathe the water we drink and the sunshine we exist under, and optimal nutrition is the best vaccine against disease.

I would train the vets of the future in optimal nutrition, naturopathic medicine using herbal medicine. Like Hippocrates said: “let food be your medicine”.

I would embrace the work of Antoine Beauchamp and understand that the innate wisdom of the individual is what we have to support, as Clements Von Piquet determined.  It’s more important what’s in your kitchen than what’s in your pharmacy … and hear the wisdom of Dr Shannon of the NIH who stated famously that the only safe vaccine is the one that is never used.

I am excited as I travel down the path of energetic medicine and trace out the path of quantum physics to illuminate the biophotons in food and intention in our DNA, in unlocking the real knowledge to working with dis-ease and dis-harmony, using Homeopathy and Reiki, Spinal Manipulation, sound, colour and aromatherapy to effect the shifts towards cure – and never picking up another synthetic drug or administering a chemical poison or injecting a blood poisoning vaccine ever again.

I look for the day that, as Dr Richard Pitcairn wrote in his paper, A Foolish Practice, that he predicted, “in 50-100 years the idea of injecting disease to cure disease will be seen as dangerous as bloodletting and pure mercury administration”.  In other words, the greatest medical assumption ever made will be looked back upon with shame and horror.

Dr Patricia Jordan has given up her career and income to research and share information that will bring better health to our pets.